Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! – Season 8

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! – Season 8

The original bad boys of magic are back with the eighth season of their award winning series, Showtime’s longest running series Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!.

The duo are widely renowned skeptics and are sure to take no prisoners, per usual.

For Penn and Teller, not much is safe and they mix their slanted arguments with profanity and comedy that is not only entertaining, but thought provoking.

High school cheerleading should be classified as a sport to increase required safety measures due to its risks. Also discusses how the majority of competitions and cheerleading goods are managed by Varsity Brands Inc. and if cheerleading were to be declared a sport Varsity would have to forfeit managing competitions to an independent body creating a significant conflict of interests.

2. Fast Food. People should be free to choose to eat fast food and argues against a proposed Soda tax as well as misconceptions about fast food and its eaters.

3. Martial Arts. Martial arts does not provide real self-defense as it is typically portrayed and generally just boosts confidence, and in fact may lead people to unintentionally break US self-defense laws due to ignorance of said laws.

4. Teen sex. People should not be worried about teens having sex, that sexting should not be a crime, and that parents would be better off educating kids about sex than trying to shield them from it. Supports Gay-straight alliances in public schools. Features Judith Levine, the author of Harmful to Minors.

5. Easy Money.Multi-level marketing schemes create more victims than profits, and implies that they are nothing more than pyramid schemes.

6. Area 51.Those who believe in alien technology at Area 51 are trying to find answers to secrets using non-scientific methods, and are finding “evidence” because that’s what they want to see. Also argues that some of these people are just looking for social groups that share their passion for extraterrestrial life.

7. Criminal Justice. American Criminal Justice System is on the decline because of over-zealous police officers and district attorneys who care more about winning or being proven right than justice. Also argues that some aspects of forensics are not good or fully realized science, in part due to the significant lack of formal peer review.

8. Old People. Stereotypes surrounding old people are inaccurate. Discusses voluntary euthanasia.

9. Self-esteem. Public’s obsession with improving one’s self esteem are ineffective and that those with high self esteem will develop narcissism later in life.

10. Vaccinations. Exposes the false link between childhood vaccinations and autism rates, and how it got started due to a falsified study claiming the link and an increase in autism awareness along with a broader definition being used occurring around the same time.