Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! – Season 2

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! – Season 2

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! – Season 2 marks the return of the self-proclaimed pit-bulls for the truth, set out to prove that many of the institutions society holds dear are bogus and designed to profit from the desperate and trusting public.

Each of the 13 episodes includes interviews and undercover segments intertwined with Penn & Teller’s comedy. With zeal, passion and conviction the duo examines taboo topics and organi-zations such as PETA, safety hysteria, the business of love, 12 step programs and the fountain of youth.

Penn and Teller can be abrasive and obnoxious but they are also quite rational and extremely funny. The BS series looks at a wide range of pop culture phenomena and debunks them from a rational point of view.

They do so with humor and an intense, biting sarcasm directed at those who would harm others. To those who are merely acting foolishly or exhibiting bad judgment, they are slightly kinder.

Offers criticism of the animal rights movement, and particular attention to the PETA organization and its ties with the ALF, an animal liberation group, classified by the FBI as a domestic terrorist organization.

2. Safety Hysteria. Examines recent hysteria over the possibility of danger due to terrorism, questions the connection between Mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, as well as school violence.

3. The Business of Love. Criticizes the popular concept and the selling of everlasting romantic love and personal compatibility by dating services and pop psych love experts, and questions monogamy as a forced aspect of healthy relationships.

4. War on Drugs. Questions the constitutionality of the “War on Drugs” and common allegations against the medical value of Cannabis.

5. Recycling. Criticizes certain aspects of recycling, including the increased cost of particular forms of recycling and the detrimental effect that certain forms of recycling have on the environment, and debunks numerous myths regarding landfills. Notes that people are generally more than happy to recycle and that it is the system that is flawed.

6. Profanity. Attacks the idea that certain words are inherently offensive and thus are (or should be considered) taboo, and questions the constitutionality of the FCC’s broadcast standards on profanity.

7. Yoga, Tantric sex, Etc.. Offers criticism on numerous activities in the New Age movement, including: yoga, tantric sex, cartomancy, medicinal herbs and vortices, (especially the Sedona Vortices).

8. Fountain of Youth. Examines the constitutionality and scientific validity (or lack thereof) of creationism and intelligent design and defends evolution, with focus on a Georgia school board debate.

9. Death, Inc.. Offers criticisms of many claims made by businesses which offer funeral services, and investigates the validity of cryonics as a method of preserving a human body.

10. 12 Stepping. Questions the effectiveness of 12 Step Programs, with a focus on Alcoholics Anonymous.

11. The Bible: Fact or Fiction? Offers criticism of claims that the Bible is historically and factually accurate, as well as the attempt to turn sacred text into scientific material and general hypocrisy within The Church about the matter.

12. Exercise vs. Genetics. Criticizes the claims made by various commercial exercise products that promise more than they deliver, as well as investigating the methods gyms use to maximize profits. Argues that some people are genetically built to look fit, while others aren’t, and that looking fit is not the same as being fit.

13. Hypnosis. Examines the various promises made by professional hypnosis, and seeks to refute the idea of “mind over body”.