Secret Lives - L. Ron Hubbard

Secret Lives – L. Ron Hubbard

An intriguing, but bizarre, biographical documentary by Channel 4 on the ‘Secret Life\’ of L Ron Hubbard – the Sci Fi author and creator of the Scientology cult. This biopic from 1997, with some fantastic archive interviews with the man

Hannibal - The Fall of Carthage

Hannibal – The Fall of Carthage

Did Hannibal carelessly squander the power of Carthage? Were the ingenious strategist\’s legendary victories paradoxically the reason for the downfall of this incredibly rich trading empire? Why did Hannibal, at the very height of his triumphant campaign, refrain from attacking

Spartacus - Behind The Myth

Spartacus – Behind The Myth

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire was the strongest and most powerful assembly of people on Earth. In the year 73 BC, they boasted the greatest army in the ancient world, but their army was to be taken down

Here's Hockey!

Here’s Hockey!

Featuring Jean Beliveau, this short film focuses on hockey from the inside out. Known as Canada\’s national pastime, this film demonstrates why hockey is such an exciting spectator sport. From east to west, the connection between fans and players is

The Putin System

The Putin System

For three years, filmmakers Jean-Michel Carr and Jill Emery interviewed dozens of people to gain insight into the life and political motivations of Russia\’s most powerful politician, Vladimir Putin. They spoke to long-time supporters, like Putin\’s former schoolteacher, Vera Gurvich,

Focus: A Documentary

Focus: A Documentary

The movie FOCUS follows the trials and tribulations of professional gamer Mike Ross as he trains for EVO, one of the biggest tournaments in his life. Ross, who recently signed with pro gaming team CompLexity, is one of the most