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Welcome to Streaming Documentaries. Our aim to provide you quality documentaries films on a wide spectrum of topics. We curate the list daily and are consistently adding more documentaries as they become available. Users can browse our documentary list, discuss each documentary in the comments, and submit documentaries to our site.

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We regularly update our database with the latest documentary films. Below each video is a description and thumbnail of the documentary. Most videos should stream without need for any additional downloads. See a dead video? Please report it to us so we can fix the issue.

Streaming Documentaries Tip List

To make the viewing experience more enjoyable we have put together this quick list for our users:

  • If you’re having an issue playing a video or experience slowness try refreshing your browser
  • Some video players may have pop-ups. Do not click on the popup content and close the new window immediately. If the video does not play after please report the video to us for review.
  • Do not download any new codex or plugin requested by the video player. If a download is needed please report the documentary to us for review